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Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Job Type

Full Time or Part Time

About the Role

We are looking for Full Time and Part Time Instructors to join our team as a Nail Artist and Instructor for Apprentices. We have an active 6-12 month waitlist of apprentices eager to be trained in Nail Technology and are in need of an instructor.
The ideal candidate for this position are individuals that are open and willing to learn and develop the skills it takes to build a clientele as a Nail Artist as well as adopting our training methods for apprentices. Personalities that thrive with us are seen in individuals who are self motivated to be successful in the industry and are thirsty to develop their skills with guided feedback from leaders. Successful instructors are capable of professional communications and have the patience and drive necessary to be a teacher.
As a Nail Artist and Instructor at TNB it is expected of you to operate as a team to contribute to overall salon sanitation, as well as with holding our service standards. In addition you will be required to attend a team meeting as well as an individualized meeting with leadership on a monthly basis, as well as a weekly email on your apprentices progress and challenges to leadership. We use this time to provide you with personalized business coaching and success planning to support you in achieving your goals.
Our mission is to give you the knowledge and tools to build your skill set and grow a clientele and teach your apprentice how to do so as well. To be a successful Nail Artist and Instructor at TNB you have be thirsty for success and have that drive to be the best you can be.
We are selective on who we bring on to our team as it is very important to us that you are in alignment with our culture and dedicated to growth. The first step in the application process is reaching out to us to schedule an in person interview where we will get know you and discuss your goals. Following we will schedule a work interview to observe you conducting the basic steps of a service to determine your current skill level. (There are no skill level or product knowledge requirements for this position as we offer complimentary training and classes to all our nail artist.) We will then schedule a final interview to discuss your availability, goals, determination your acceptance. We are selective on who we bring on to our team as it is very important to us that you are in alignment with our culture and dedicated to growth. Once you have joined our team we will begin the training necessary to become an instructor to our apprentices.
We are a commission based salon. As an instructor you will receive an hourly bonus per apprentice in addition to your service commission and tips. Benefits included are our service prices and clientele are premium, complimentary business coaching, full access to Enhancement and Nail Art classes.
If you are a Nail Tech that is searching for assistance in reaching your full potential and building a clientele; Topcoat Nail Bar welcomes you! Call or text schedule an interview.


  • Must have an active Nail Technician license in the state of Utah.

  • Must have reliable transportation

  • Must be eager to learn and willing to receive feedback and grow a clientele

About the Company

Founded in 2014 by the drive to empower individuals to find their inner beauty & inspire success in professionals in the nail industry. We take a modern approach to manis & pedis to enhance your health & beauty.
Topcoat Nail Bar provides our guests a nail salon experience that is focused on medical grade sanitation, vegan organic fair-trade sustainably source spa products, eco-friendly services & exceptional nail artistry.

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