COVID-19 Update

      At Topcoat Nail Bar we are taking every precaution available for your safety and the safety of our artists from COVID-19 so that we may continue to provide you with high quality services. Cleanliness has always been our top priority and we continue to go above and beyond the guidelines of the Health Department & industry standards by using medical grade disinfecting, sanitation, and sterilization methods with the use of our autoclave for all our stations and tools used for each service.  As nail artists our education and state licensure have taught us how to handle pathogens, and at TNB we have always viewed salon safety as a must even prior to this pandemic. Because of this, we are in a unique position to mitigate any risks and provide you with services that are as safe as they can be. For this to be possible, we do require all our guests to follow our safety protocols with out exception. 

•It is optional for our guests to wear face masks during their reservation. Our team members will be wearing a face mask for the duration of your service.

•Guests must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer prior to beginning their service.


Sanitation is our top priority. To insure your services are met with the highest level of cleanliness, we sterilize all our implements with a medical grade autoclave and any tools that cannot be properly disinfected, are replaced with a new set for each guest. We are proud to have a close relationship with the local Health department and have assisted with new regulations held for the beauty industry,


We care about the products we use because we believe beautiful services begin with quality products. You can expect high quality professional products as well as organic and vegan spa products used during your services. These are some of the products we are proud to carry and use for all your mani pedi needs.


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SpaRitual is a vegan beauty brand based on the rituals of self-care. They make self-care simple, effective, and meaningful. They craft spa-quality products formulated with the finest ingredients nature has to offer.


Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Nature-Derived. Organic. Fair Trade. FSC Certified Paper. Recycled and Recyclable Packaging.

Formulated Without: Parabens, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Fragrances + Dyes, GMOs and Gluten.

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CND (Creative Nail Design, Inc.) is the global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty -including SHELLAC® Brand 14+ Day Nail Color. Deeply committed to advancing the nail care industry, CND devotes significant time and resources to product research and development, education and customer support. CND is an industry-leading advocate for the role of nail care in personal beauty and fashion.

Each of their products is meticulously researched and tested before it ever reaches the customer. They have our own state-of-the-art laboratory and the scientific and technological know-how to engineer the exact products that professionals want and need. Once these products and services are in their hands, CND continues to offer support, education, and inspiration.

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Aprés Gel-X is the world's first and only soft gel nail extension system! Fast and easy to apply, Gel-X nail tips and Extend gel are manufactured from cutting edge soft gel formulas for convenient soak-off capabilities. As gentle as a natural nail mani, there is no filing needed, no dust, no odor, and no damage to natural nails! Try Gel-X as an alternative option to traditional acrylic or hard Gel extensions. 

These enhancements are perfect for giving you that

The lightweight flexible strength of this builder gel comes from the perfect balance of soft-gel and hard-gel properties. Giving the client's nails the strength they need without the cracking associated with hard gels, or painful, damaging breaks associated with acrylic nail extensions.

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Gel Squared.png

Gel Squared is a revolutionary hybrid between hard gel and acrylic that cures with LED lights. It can be used for repairs, or to add length such as with tips or sculpts. 

Gel Squared is a no odor, flexible lightweight product, ​that is 10-free!