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About Us

Founded in 2014 by the drive to empower individuals to find their inner beauty & inspire success in professionals in the nail industry. We take a modern approach to manis & pedis to enhance your health & beauty.

Topcoat Nail Bar provides our guests a nail salon experience that is focused on medical grade sanitation, vegan organic fair-trade sustainably source spa products, eco-friendly services & exceptional nail artistry. 

Our Story

      Our commitment to our guests is to provide you with the most relaxing, hygienic, eco-friendly & knowledgeable services in the industry. Focused on your needs and wants, Topcoat Nail Bar holds itself to the highest of standards. You can expect our elevated manis & pedis will be unlike any other you have experienced before. We take pride in our commitment to your health and eco-friendly services such as our famed waterless pedicures and vitamin infused gel polishes. We take a modern approach to our services to ensure your health is enhanced in every way.


      We make no exceptions on cleanliness. Strictly using a fresh set of sterilized implements for every appointment. We go beyond health regulations set for our industry by using a medical grade Autoclave to ensure the highest level of sanitation. At Topcoat Nail Bar any tools that cannot be properly disinfected are disposed of. For this reason we gift you the file & buffer used during your service to ensure that each appointment is met with a safe and clean start. 

      Education is a forefront in meeting our standards. All of our nail artists are trained and certified in proper sanitation and share the same passion for cleanliness. Passions don’t stop there: we are artists first and are constantly reaching to exceed your expectations in style and beauty. With a unique and creative outlook we use our skill to enhance your own personal style. To ensure this we hold classes and workshops monthly for all our nail technicians & apprentices to enhance their technique and skill so you are met with only the best. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied with our artistry and service.​

     Love is always the answer and everyone deserves to be loved and respected.  That is the culture we conduct ourselves in at Topcoat. Because of this you will find a wide variety of individuals from all walks of life performing your nail services. We have created a safe space that is all inclusive of any race, religion, age, sexual orientation, relationship status, gender identity, etc to ensure all our guests feel 100% comfortable while they are with us at Topcoat. Come just as you are and we will love you for it, no questions asked!

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