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Waterless Pedicure

It's no secret! We do things differently here at Topcoat Nail Bar; vegan organic products, medical grade sanitation, and waterless pedicures! We know waterless pedicures are not traditional but they are better in every way so we wanted to elaborate on their benefits so you can truly enjoy this blissful experience.

Although we are leaving the water behind, we are still indulging you in vegan organic products that promote the health of your skin and nails. We are including more tension reducing hot towels to cleanse and soften the skin. All while your reclined in a heated massaging Zero Gravity Recliner relieving any pressure on your spine. (More on our Zero Gravity Recliners below.)


So let’s get right down to it! The pros of our waterless pedicures:

  • Waterless is the most sanitary way to receive a pedicure. Waterless leaves zero chance of cross contamination and your feet aren’t coming into contact with the chemicals needed to sanitize traditional tubs.

  • Zero water waste.  We save an average of 10 gallons of water per pedicure which is so much better for our planet!

  • Your polish stays on longer.  When your nails are drenched in water for extended periods, it can cause your polish 

  • A better pedicure in which the nail tech can address problem areas such as calluses and rough skin. Problem areas are much easier to spot when feet aren’t overly saturated in water.

  • Diabetic friendly

A few other important things to note that ensure the safety of our pedicures:

  • Waterless pedis!

  • All implements are sterilized in a medical grade autoclave. (This is an extra step we take to go above and beyond, that is not required by local health regulations)

  • We use brand new files and buffers on each client which means free takeaways at the end of your service, or we simply toss them if you don’t want them.

    We do things differently for a reason! Our non traditional approach to pedicures is beneficial to you, our planet, and creates an overall blissful experience.

Zero Gravity Recliner

Zero gravity was designed by NASA for a reason. The weightlessness of zero gravity chairs causes deep relaxation and healing on a physical and mental level, where your body is suspended in a neutral position so your feet are in alignment with your heart. This elevation decompresses the spine and helps oxygenate the heart. A weightless feeling, the reclining position is touted as the healthiest way to sit by physicians. Now imagine combining that with a pedicure! 

•Decompresses your spine.  Using a zero gravity chair for back pain is the most natural, easeful and powerful way to heal your back issues. This happens when the body is in a neutral position, so the spine will decompress and release tension. On earth, gravity pulls us down and keeps the spine compressed. But in zero gravity, the discs have plenty of room to expand and hydrate.


•Increases circulation.  The health benefits of zero gravity chairs help get more oxygen to your blood, aiding in any circulation issues. In the zero gravity position, the heart is aligned with your feet and is able to work more effectively, as well as minimize stress on the heart. In addition, better blood flow causes reduced swelling, helping you experience less pain overall.

•Decreases lower back pain.  Forgo a massage and receive the zero gravity massage chair benefits in your own home. The strain of gravity on your vertebrae is greatly reduced with a zero gravity chair, so the back can relax and reset from any tension, inflammation or misalignment. This also reduces neck pain and gives you a better night’s sleep.

•Takes care of your heart.  The zero gravity position is a great way to take pressure off of the heart, allowing for better blood flow throughout the entire body.


Our services are an experience like no other with benefits you've never seen from a pedicure before!  

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